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Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Kungs Remix)

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The frigid, wintry air rushed against the ice-encrusted beard of our hero. Particles of frozen beard glistened like diamonds in the overbearing sun — yet the blue skies betrayed the antarctic temperatures. Emaciated, sunburned, and with skin tougher than leather, The Bearded Man forged on. The sat phone was waiting for him at the South Pole, but could he make it in time? His last food ration was eaten days ago, and who knew when or if he would finally reach his destination. Incredulous and delirious, The Bearded Man finally reached the pole. With his left hand, he clutched the rod, and he raised his right towards the heavens. Lightning struck his hand, and suddenly he found himself holding a Platinum Record. Kungs & Harold van Lennep found our hero in his victorious stance and ushered him into a nearby tent for cocoa and stories. And so, the much-anticipated sequels to 'Are You With Me' were born.

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Idioma: Ruso
Duración del video: 00:03:09
Autor: Armada Music

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